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thegoldenbeacon replied to your post: You alright there?

I doubt it. I’m here in case you change your mind. Cupcake is being Cupcake. More worried about me and his horse than himself. Otherwise, he’s fine. We’re waiting for word on what’s going on so we can head home.

What’s there to say, beautiful? I made my bed, now I have to lie in it. And it’s about time someone was worried about you. You deserve the attention.

There’s nothing wrong with me, doll. You’re the one that having the tough time. You two love each other. What’s the problem?

Me. Look what I did to Phil. I can’t…I won’t do that to Wally.

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    *chuckles a little* Tony, anyone that’s in love with you or any of your other selves knows about your self centeredness....
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    No. Wally is the most supportive guy I’ve ever met. It’s not about the sleeping around. It’s… *he scrubs a hand down his...